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9 Sources Packed with Gut-Friendly Bacteria

As a few of you might know, along with weight reduction, I initially began following a ketogenic weight loss program as a method to enhance my irritable bowel syndrome.

It works rather well for me.

But I observed even additional enchancment after I began incorporating fermented meals — these naturally wealthy in probiotics.

That acquired me to considering — this isn’t one thing that we talk about an excessive amount of within the Keto world.

For instance, do you know that many medical doctors suggest probiotics in conjunction with a spherical of antibiotics? Yep, a big proportion of antibiotics fully destroy our intestine micro organism and restoring them with probiotics is an efficient strategy to compensate.

In addition to higher intestine well being, a few of the well being advantages that I observed personally embody:

improved power levelsbetter psychological well being and mind functionless cravings

Others have claimed that probiotics enhance their immune system and have even helped them drop some weight.

Nothing on this publish is meant to diagnose, deal with or remedy any medical situations. As all the time, discuss to your healthcare supplier earlier than beginning a dietary change or when including new dietary supplements to your well being routine.

Now, lets try a few of the Keto probiotics which you can possible match into your day by day carb restrict!

Keto Probiotics - Sauerkraut

Keto Probiotics - Sauerkraut


If you’ll’ve informed me 10 years in the past that I’d be consuming uncooked sauerkraut day-after-day, I’d inform you that you just had been out of your thoughts!

The canned or jarred stuff that you just decide up on the grocery retailer shelf is nice for recipes, however not for the probiotic content material. The helpful micro organism is useless from pasteurization and can present minimal profit.

When selecting sauerkraut, all the time use home made or a model that’s refrigerated and labeled “unpasteurized” or “raw.”

In the start, I actually struggled attempting to get sauerkraut down. I must cover it or pair it with different meals. Now, I stay up for it and revel in it straight from the container — no must attempt incorporating it into an elaborate meal plan until you actually wish to.

I’ll usually eat about 1 heaping tablespoon of sauerkraut (~1 oz) per day and the vitamin breaks right down to:

7 calories0g fat1.5g whole carbs1g fiber0.5g web carbs0g protein

As far as manufacturers go, I’ve been loving the totally different flavors from Cleveland Kraut lately!

Keto Probiotics - Kimchi

Keto Probiotics - Kimchi


Kimchi is a Korean relative to sauerkraut and has been taking on the culinary world by storm.

Imagine the entire fantastic qualities of sauerkraut with daring, amplified flavors — that’s precisely what you’ll be able to anticipate from kimchi!

In addition to napa cabbage, typical substances embody garlic, scallions, radishes, and conventional Korean seasonings.

The dietary breakdown is lots like sauerkraut — for 1 ouncesof kimchi, you’ll be able to anticipate:

10 calories0g fat1.5g whole carbs1g fiber0.5g web carbs0g protein

Pickles - Keto Probiotic

Pickles - Keto Probiotic


Before I began the Keto Diet, I used to be obsessed with pickles. I’m proud to say that this love affair isn’t ending any time quickly.

The concern that I run into with pickles is that it’s considerably tough to seek out the uncooked, unpasteurized sorts. Much like sauerkraut, the jars you discover on the grocery retailer shelf usually are not alive and can present little or no probiotic profit (although these are nonetheless nice for electrolytes and snacks, after all).

I’ve solely been capable of finding the unpasteurized Bubbies model, however they’re actually good!

They’re additionally so low in energy and carbs that the label lists every pickle as:

zero calories0g fat0g carbs0g protein

Keto Probiotics - Sour Cream

Keto Probiotics - Sour Cream

Sour Cream

Now, I do know what your considering. Sour cream as a probiotic?

Kind of. Unfortunately, most bitter cream is pasteurized, and due to this fact the micro organism is destroyed. However, in case you’re capable of finding some that isn’t (I haven’t but), it ought to nonetheless include some helpful probiotics.

For one tablespoon of unpasteurized bitter cream:

30 calories3g fat1g carb1g protein

Keto Probiotics - Kombucha

Keto Probiotics - Kombucha


If you observe me on Instagram, you already know that I’m all about that kombucha life. It’s a fermented tea beverage and it is available in all types of enjoyable flavors.

While it makes me really feel wonderful, the fact is that kombucha does include an honest quantities of carbohydrates.

The carbohydrates come from sugar — the meals supply consumed by the micro organism. This signifies that some, if not most, sugar might be eliminated ultimately. If your kombucha may be very bitter and vinegary tasting, it’s prone to have a decrease quantity of sugar.

With that being mentioned, there’s no actual strategy to understand how a lot is definitely leftover, so I observe it by the dietary label anyhow. Just to be on the protected aspect.

If you discover that your kombucha doesn’t have a carbonated fizz if you open it, there’s a great probability the micro organism are useless. In this occasion, you possible won’t discover any probiotic advantages.

My favourite model is GTS — they’re all the time constant with the flavour and I’ve by no means had a bottle with out the fizz.

For four ouncesof GTS Triology Kombucha (1/four of the bottle), the vitamin breaks right down to:

13 calories0g fat3g carbs0g protein

TIP: If you ever plan on brewing your individual kombucha, save your glass bottles and reuse them! You’ll thank me later.

Keto Probiotics - Milk Kefir

Keto Probiotics - Milk Kefir


Kefir is one other well-liked probiotic beverage that, in the best quantities, can match right into a Keto weight loss program.

Much like kombucha, kefir accommodates a good quantity of sugar, despite the fact that a proportion of it’ll have been eliminated by way of the fermentation course of.

Keto Friendly Probiotic Sources

Keto Friendly Probiotic Sources

This is one other a type of situations the place I observe the carbs anyhow, simply to make sure.

If you’d love to do it your self, you simply want some grains that may work with your most popular liquid: water or milk.

Nutritional info will fluctuate, however simply as a comparability, there are roughly three carbs in 1/four cup of plain milk kefir.

Keto Probiotic Source: Olives

Keto Probiotic Source: Olives


Ah, olives. Another snack I’ve liked since I used to be a child — particularly stuffed with blue cheese.

Did you already know that these briney delights are additionally a supply of probiotics? Even extra purpose to take pleasure in!

Make certain you get the refrigerated ones packed within the brine.

For roughly 5 Kalamata olives:

45 calories4g fat2g carbs0g protein

Keto Probiotics - Yogurt

Keto Probiotics - Yogurt


For some time, yogurt was just about off the desk for Keto. All of the manufacturers within the grocery retailer had been loaded with sugar and I simply accepted that destiny.

Eventually I stumbled upon just a few Keto pleasant yogurts like:

Yep, that’s for all the particular person container! Not unhealthy, huh?

Keto Probiotics - Supplements

Keto Probiotics - Supplements


When you simply can’t get behind any of the beforehand talked about Keto probiotics, you would all the time use a complement as an alternative.

There’s nothing unsuitable with supplementing, however there are a pair issues to contemplate:

Price – in comparison with a meals like sauerkraut, probiotic dietary supplements can get dear.Stability – some probiotics have to be refrigerated. Take transit time into consideration if buying dietary supplements on-line — you don’t wish to destroy these intestine bugs!Quality – purity requirements and high quality are a significant concern. For what it’s price, it seems like that is particularly being evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.Knowledge – there may be nonetheless a lot to be taught concerning the intestine microbiome and the way the numerous totally different probiotic strains work together with it. All strains usually are not created equal.

I don’t have an absolute favourite probiotic complement, however I’ve used and observed enchancment with Hyperbiotics and Prescript Assist.

What are your favourite methods to get probiotics on Keto? Comment beneath!

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