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How can an individual with type 2 diabetes decrease their HbA1c? Would you ever put an individual with type 2 diabetes on insulin? What is a traditional insulin degree? And, can you have celery, radishes and lettuce throughout a quick?

It’s time for this week’s Q&A about intermittent fasting and low carb with Dr. Jason Fung:

Low serum insulin + High HbA1c

Dear Dr. Fung,

Have you come throughout a scenario through which an individual on LCHF and IF has been in a position to carry fasting insulin ranges down however HbA1c stays excessive? If T2D for 20 years; after three.5 years of LCHF and IF, fasting serum insulin is three.Eight, however HbA1c stays at Eight-9. I want to perceive the science behind this and how you can scale back HbA1c. Thank you.


We’ve seen each potential mixture. Latent onset type 1 diabetes is a scenario the place fasting insulin could fall over time and blood glucose stays excessive.

Dr. Jason Fung

Would you ever put T2D on insulin?

If you had a affected person who was strictly keto for a month however after eradicating meds similar to gliclazide, because of the stress it places on the pancreas, however was nonetheless taking most metformin however waking on 12-17 would you introduce insulin? How lengthy would you give the physique to rid itself of sugar naturally? I might be desirous about your strategy. Hypothetically after all. Thanks.


Every scenario is exclusive, and I deal with sufferers on a person foundation, however sure, I’ve put many people with type 2 diabetes on insulin. Other than that, I can’t reply particular circumstances.

Dr. Jason Fung

What is regular insulin ranges?

Dr Fung,

I learn your e book the Diabetes Code about reversing type 2 diabetes and you talked about insulin toxicity in T2DM sufferers. On web page 58, a diagram reveals fasting insulin ranges in overweight people. Can you inform me generally what’s the regular insulin vary (pmol/L) for diabetics who will not be over weight or overweight, however have a prognosis of T2DM? Thank you.


You must verify with your individual lab. Each lab has completely different ranges that they think about regular.
Dr. Jason Fung

Can I eat celery, radishes and lettuce throughout my quick?

Hi Dr Fung,

I used to be pondering that as these are extraordinarily low in carbs, they’d no have an effect on the fat-burning that happens throughout a quick? They additionally assist with the cravings and chewing on them appears to assist me.


Fasting is classically simply water and no meals. You can do a variation of fasting that permits celery, radishes, and lettuce, and that will actually achieve success for weight reduction.

Dr. Jason Fung

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