Biggest weight loss myths busted… from fast food to carbs and diet foods

WEIGHT loss is a topic fraught with misinformation and pretend information.

Brands attempt to promote you diet lollies and slimming teas that they know do not lead to long-term weight loss and upkeep.

 From avoiding fast food and carbs to eating 'diet' grub, we reveal the biggest weight loss myths


From avoiding fast food and carbs to consuming ‘diet’ grub, we reveal the largest weight loss mythsCredit: Getty – Contributor

And they fight to make you nervous to take pleasure in a lot of foods which have a spot in a wholesome, balanced diet.

Which is why it is necessary to have the ability to separate weight loss reality from fiction.

We reveal simply among the largest myths when it comes to burning fats and sustaining a wholesome weight:

1. Fast food makes you fats

Fast food merely means “pre-prepared”…so technically locations like Itsu are fast food and but their food is undeniably wholesome (with its collection of sushi, sashimi, broths and salads).

But having a little bit of what you fancy is usually one of the simplest ways to be certain that you do not fall totally off the wagon.

And typically, the “healthy” foods at fast food joints aren’t all the time the lightest objects accessible.

In reality, we beforehand revealed at lots of McDonald’s “healthy” choices comprise extra energy than some burgers, delicate drinks and puddings.

Bizarrely, the McDonald’s hamburger actually is not as calorific as you’d suppose.

It comprises simply 250kcals, whereas the Grilled Chicken Salad has simply 133kcals and a whopping 20g of protein.

If you really need to eat more healthy, there is not any substitute for healthful residence cooking – utilizing as a lot recent veg as potential.

But in case you do fancy a deal with at McDonald’s, you might as properly get one thing that you will take pleasure in.

2. You cannot lose weight and eat carbs

We know that issues just like the keto diet can work.

But that is not essentially as a result of it restricts carbs – it is extra that low-carb diets require folks cease consuming something processed.

So you find yourself reducing out sugar and overly refined foods.

We want carbs to survive; fruit and veg are carbs, and you positively don’t desire to go reducing these out of your diet.

Carbs aren’t what has made you obese – blame your consumption for processed grub for that.

Many of us do not get almost sufficient fibre.

It’s the stuff that ensures we do not go too lengthy with out having a poo. It wards off issues like coronary heart assaults and stroke. It can enhance ldl cholesterol and blood sugar ranges – essential in stopping or managing diabetes.

Oh, and it additionally protects many people from creating bowel most cancers.

The finest manner to just remember to’re getting a lot of fibre is to eat carbs like oats, wholemeal bread, potatoes and broccoli.

Have a learn of our information to fibre right here.

three. ‘Diet’ foods assist with weight loss

There’s truly no want for “diet” foods in case you’re following a largely whole-food diet.

Often low-fat merchandise are full of sugars to make up for the style short-fall, whereas low-sugar foods are filled with sweeteners.

Diet fizz has been discovered to comprise chemical substances which injury our intestine micro organism.

According to scientists from universities in Israel and Singapore, six widespread synthetic sweeteners – aspartame, sucralose, saccharin, neotame, advantame and acesulfame potassium-k – have all been discovered to be poisonous to intestine micro organism.

Although it is one of many first research trying into the impact synthetic sweeteners have on intestine micro organism, it is not the primary time that these chemical substances have been related to well being dangers.

They’ve been related to weight acquire, slashing the probabilities of getting pregnant throughout IVF, tripling the danger of a lethal stroke and dementia, and elevating the danger of creating diabetes.

So sweeteners are actually finest prevented, as are costly diet merchandise typically.

four. Fat makes you fats

Despite the recognition of diets like keto which emphasizes the significance of dietary fats, some folks nonetheless consider that consuming fats will make them fats.

Again, that is as a result of we have been advised for years that low fats = more healthy.

Fat is calorie-dense, there is not any doubt about that, and consuming a diet wealthy in unhealthy junk food laden with saturated fats and sugar will lead to weight acquire.

But consuming good fat like nuts and avocado will not make you placed on weight if carried out with moderation.

There’s a motive the Meditteranean diet constantly comes out high trumps and its reliance on fat like olive oil is essential.

5. Supplements are needed

The weight loss complement business is big.

It’s in its curiosity to make tablets, shakes, teas and lollies appear to be a vital a part of weight loss.

But truly, the principle motive they could work for some dieters is the placebo impact.

If you actively exit of your manner to purchase and take weight loss dietary supplements, you may also turn out to be extra acutely aware of what you eat.

You can positively lose extra weight with out spending any cash on medicines or dietary supplements – except your GP prescribes you particular medicines to take for excessive instances.

6. Healthy foods are costly

When you should purchase a meal at McDonalds or KFC for a few quid, it may be tempting to consider junk food as being low-cost – and wholesome grub as costly.

But that is simply not true.

You can purchase luggage of wholegrain rice cheaply and they will final for ages in your cabinet.

Frozen fruits and veg have a tendency to be cheaper than recent variations and once more, can final for ages.

Pack meals out with beans, pulses and veg and you will quickly discover that your dishes last more.

Doing which means you may as well use much less meat which tends to be costly.

Remember, you do not have to go to well being food retailers to eat properly; Lidl now does a 5kg field of “wonky” fruit and veg for simply £1.50.

7. You have to be hungry to slim down

So many people deprive ourselves with food after we’re attempting to lose weight.

We suppose that we ought to be hungry.

But that is not essentially true.

While issues like intermittent fasting is usually a nice weight loss software, you do not have to be hungry to be burning fats.


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Giving your self a large serving of low-calorie, highly-nutritious veggies like broccoli, spinach and kale at every meal will maintain you full whereas holding your calorie consumption down.

Even if you’re fasting, you do not essentially really feel hungry in case you do it proper.

As your blood sugars begin to stability out, you might discover that you would be able to go longer with out feeling empty, and that you simply’re extra happy with much less.

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